About Us

Localator connects you with local translators instantly anytime, anywhere in the world.

From ordering at a restaurant, opening a bank account, lost on the road or any type of emergencies encountered abroad, Localator connects you with real time translation services that act on your behalf in any possible situation.

What's more, in a world of a sharing economy, Localator also strives to create monetary opportunities for individuals like yourself. If you are fluent in different languages or local dialects, we openly welcome you to join as a translator! It will be a fun, fulfilling and fruitful experience to lend a helping hand to those in need.

For more information, please contact us at info@thelocalator.com.


How it works?


For Travelers / Expats in Foreign Countries:


Language issue? Find help!

Lost in translation? No sweat! You can find a local translator who speaks your language through Localator.


Translator at your service

The translators on the platform are local multilingual speakers. They are assigned to assist and act on your behalf.


How did they do?

Were you satisfied with your translator’s service? They will definitely appreciate your feedback!

For Local Translators:


Having slack time? Sign up!

If you are a multilingual speaker, we’d love to have you onboard! Logon anytime and translation requests will be delivered to you.


Assist on language issues

Besides translating, acting on the users’ behalf is just as important. So provide as much local knowledge or expertise as you can!


Get paid for your service!

Your service is much appreciated and you will be compensated on each request. It is definitely a great opportunity for extra income!